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Best Career Search Strategies for 2018


Happy New Year!

If you are going into 2018 with the need to find a job, or to find a new job, don’t let it discourage you from having an amazing year. Start out on the right foot with effective search strategies and you’ll not only have a job soon, you’ll find a position that will make for an amazing 2018!

Best career search strategies for 2018

1. Partner with a Career Coach. Yes, you can peruse job search engines on your own, but your chances of finding your dream job and showcasing your talent in a way that lands you the job increases drastically if you have the assistance of a professional career coach.

Our team of career consultants can help you craft the perfect strategy to achieve career success. We use proven assessments to examine your personality type, interests, and strengths. We align the results with your goals to create a strategy for future growth and development through your dream position, which we will help you find and secure. Our career coaching empowers you to flawlessly execute your strategy in any situation. Learn more about our career coach packages and connect with your career coach here.

2. Set goals first. Whether you hire a career coach or not, you shouldn’t start looking for positions until you have establish short and long term career goals. Without them, you’ll be aimlessly looking for positions that won’t be the right fit for you, nor will you be satisfied in your career. Learn how to create and implement short and long term career goals here. You can also create professional New Year’s resolutions that help you get a jump start this year. Learn more here.

3. Perfect your resume and cover letter. You won’t get anywhere with job applications if your resume and cover letter are lackluster. We offer resume and cover letter packages as a part of our career coaching services.

You can also check out these recent blog posts that offer tons of FREE resume and cover letter advice and best practices:

4. Create a standout LinkedIn profile. Right behind resume and cover letter in order of importance is your LinkedIn profile. Not only is it a visual, interactive representation of your professional experience, it’s an effective platform for applying for jobs. There are also thousands of recruiters who use LinkedIn to find the perfect candidates for the job postings they need to fill. Be among the standout candidates that catches their eye. If you need help making your LinkedIn profile amazing, we offer three levels of coaching to choose from!

5. Network, network, network! Your chances of getting a job because of someone you know is much higher than landing a job through a blind application. Why? Because networking puts your face with your name and skyrockets you to the top of the list with the hiring manager. People trust the opinions of those they hold in high esteem. If you are recommended by someone who is trustworthy, you’ve already “proven” yourself to some degree. Learn more about what networking is and best practices in our blog articles Networking Etiquette and 5 Reasons Why Networking Isn’t Just Corporate Jargon.

6. Practice follow-up best practices. Following up is important. It shows you are serious about the position and provides an opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism. But don’t be overbearing and pushy. Striking the right balance is a bit of an art, but an art that needs to be mastered to land a great job. Here’s a great guide for job search and interview follow up etiquette.

7. Be mindful of your social media activity. Don’t get caught looking unprofessional online. Even your personal profiles aren’t as private as you may think. Google yourself to see what’s out there and then take steps to clean up your online identity. Here’s a handy guide for Social Media Do’s and Don’ts When On The Job Hunt.

8. Keep a positive perspective. The process of finding a job can be frustrating to say the least.  Staying motivated while looking for your next position and don’t give up! Hard work and persistence will pay off with the perfect position for you.

WCG Is Changing Your Job Search Prep

One of the best aspects of working as a consultant for The Wilbanks Consulting Group is hearing about how excited clients are to put their new resumes, LinkedIn profiles, interviewing, and networking skills to work. When Holly Wilbanks first mentioned online career development courses, I became excited about the prospect of opening up our expertise to clients around the world through an affordable, convenient platform.

The Wilbanks Consulting Group LLC is proud to introduce the WCG Online Academy, offering the same advice and strategies we provide our one-on-one career coaching clients in a convenient on-demand format for clients in any location.

The current online courses feature C. Holly Wilbanks, Founder and Principal of The Wilbanks Consulting Group LLC, presenting our proven “how to” strategies through engaging, professional HD video and slide content. The courses are targeted for experienced professionals, students, trainees, and alumni who seek an edge as they compete in the job market.

Courses available now through the WCG Online Academy include:

·       Your Resume Has 6 Seconds: What Does It Say?

A recruiter spends only a short amount of time initially reviewing your resume. This course covers everything you need to know to prepare your resume to stand out in your job search. It includes an overview of what happens when a resume is reviewed, the various structures of a resume, critical information to highlight, how to establish what is your critical information, and where and how to highlight critical information within the structure of the resume. The course also goes into detail regarding the format and overall content of your resume, covers a list of key “dos and don’ts”, and closes with final tips to help your resume truly stand out in a competitive field.

·       Utilizing LinkedIn to Network and Apply for Jobs In and Out of Science

LinkedIn plays an increasingly important role in networking and the process of applying for a new job. There are many powerful features available on LinkedIn that can be leveraged in your job search process. Learn to maximize your profile, network, and search for jobs in this easy to follow course! The course highlights elements of an effective LinkedIn profile; covers example messages for reaching out to recruiters, hiring managers, and department leaders; and teaches participants how to leverage LinkedIn groups and search features for effective networking.

·       Interview Illustrations: Highlight Your Value

This course teaches participants how to convince the interviewer that you should be their top candidate for hire. Learn to comb through your experience for the stories that not only illustrate your accomplishments and individual value, but also can be applied to various typical interview questions. Then, learn to integrate these stories into your responses to ensure that the breadth and depth of your experience is discussed. Numerous best practices for interview preparation, personal presentation, communication of transferable skills, and key interview dos and don’ts are covered.

Future WCG Online Academy courses will cover:

·       Agency Recruiters and Headhunters: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

·       The 5 Most Common Interview Styles and How to Prepare For Them

·       Job Search Etiquette – Putting Your Best Foot Forward

·       The Transferable Skills of New Graduates, and How to Use Them in Your Job Search

·       So You Received an Offer – Now What? Understanding and Negotiating Total Remuneration

The WCG Online Academy captures some of the most valuable resources and guidance that The Wilbanks Consulting Group offers clients, available to you anytime, anywhere.

To celebrate the launch of the WCG Online Academy, the courses are currently available at 50% off with the discount code HALFOFFONLINE through May 31, 2016. Take advantage of this great opportunity to sharpen your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and learn to interview like the pros!

Amanda Y. Hendrix
Expert Consultant, The Wilbanks Consulting Group LLC

Posted on May 6, 2016 and filed under WCG Online Academy.