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How To Build Your Leadership Skills


At some point on your career journey, you will probably be handed a leadership role. Maybe you will be asked to lead a team project or give a presentation. Or maybe you will oversee an entire branch of the company. Maybe an Executive position is even in your future! For whatever role you may be handed, it’s important to continuously build on your leadership skills. This will ensure long-term career success and will build your confidence.

Here are a few ways to develop professional leadership skills:

1. Take a personality test. Taking a personality test can be helpful when trying to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are. While it is important to understand your strengths and use them to your advantage, it is also equally imperative to understand where you can improve. It’s important to remember that weaknesses are not your downfall but rather areas you need to develop and build. Understanding what those weaknesses will provide better perspective for how you function individually and with a team. Personality tests are a fun and interesting way to learn more about yourself and develop your leadership skills.

There are a lot of personality tests out there; the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Assessment personally changed Holly’s life and early career trajectory, so it’s our go-to when working with clients.

“The MBTI® Assessment is the most trusted and widely-used personality assessment tool. Supported by over 50 years of scientific research, as many as 1.5 million assessments are administered annually to employees of Fortune 100 and 500 companies, students and alumni at leading colleges and universities, and individuals seeking personal and professional growth. The MBTI® assessment provides insight into how we interact with the world, take in information, make decisions, and structure our environment, providing a powerful framework through which we can understand our own and others' behavior.”

Learn more about how you can invest in the MBTI® assessment.

2. Become a better listener. A great leader knows when to listen and when to direct. Being able to listen to ideas and suggestions can be a challenging skill to master but can make all the difference. Improving your listening skills can not only be beneficial to you but to the entire organization. It builds trust, respect and shows that you care.

3. Take initiative by volunteering beyond your job. Most companies have important work that isn’t getting done. Ask your company if you can help in these areas. Volunteering for extra tasks can help you expand your skill set while simultaneously helping the company. It shows your boss and others that you are not afraid to get your
hands dirty and that you want to be a leader.

4. Be a critical thinker, not just a doer. It’s easy to get tasks done, but what about taking it one extra step beyond what is expected of you? Critical thinking can efficiently address problems with new ideas beyond conventional solutions. It can also can give you an opportunity to impact the future of the organization by taking a broad, long-range approach to solving specific problems and making key decisions. View your work through multiple frames using objective analysis, forward thinking and planning. It will make you a strategic leader and a valuable asset to your team.

5. Be a constant learner. The best leaders are the best learners! Continuous learning is the ability to constantly develop your skills in order to perform job related tasks effectively and efficiently. Be a lifelong learner and you will find yourself met with success, both for you and your organization.

Leadership skills are essential in the workplace because they show that you have good interpersonal skills, the ability to coordinate, motivate and shape others decisions.

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WCG Is Changing Your Job Search Prep

One of the best aspects of working as a consultant for The Wilbanks Consulting Group is hearing about how excited clients are to put their new resumes, LinkedIn profiles, interviewing, and networking skills to work. When Holly Wilbanks first mentioned online career development courses, I became excited about the prospect of opening up our expertise to clients around the world through an affordable, convenient platform.

The Wilbanks Consulting Group LLC is proud to introduce the WCG Online Academy, offering the same advice and strategies we provide our one-on-one career coaching clients in a convenient on-demand format for clients in any location.

The current online courses feature C. Holly Wilbanks, Founder and Principal of The Wilbanks Consulting Group LLC, presenting our proven “how to” strategies through engaging, professional HD video and slide content. The courses are targeted for experienced professionals, students, trainees, and alumni who seek an edge as they compete in the job market.

Courses available now through the WCG Online Academy include:

·       Your Resume Has 6 Seconds: What Does It Say?

A recruiter spends only a short amount of time initially reviewing your resume. This course covers everything you need to know to prepare your resume to stand out in your job search. It includes an overview of what happens when a resume is reviewed, the various structures of a resume, critical information to highlight, how to establish what is your critical information, and where and how to highlight critical information within the structure of the resume. The course also goes into detail regarding the format and overall content of your resume, covers a list of key “dos and don’ts”, and closes with final tips to help your resume truly stand out in a competitive field.

·       Utilizing LinkedIn to Network and Apply for Jobs In and Out of Science

LinkedIn plays an increasingly important role in networking and the process of applying for a new job. There are many powerful features available on LinkedIn that can be leveraged in your job search process. Learn to maximize your profile, network, and search for jobs in this easy to follow course! The course highlights elements of an effective LinkedIn profile; covers example messages for reaching out to recruiters, hiring managers, and department leaders; and teaches participants how to leverage LinkedIn groups and search features for effective networking.

·       Interview Illustrations: Highlight Your Value

This course teaches participants how to convince the interviewer that you should be their top candidate for hire. Learn to comb through your experience for the stories that not only illustrate your accomplishments and individual value, but also can be applied to various typical interview questions. Then, learn to integrate these stories into your responses to ensure that the breadth and depth of your experience is discussed. Numerous best practices for interview preparation, personal presentation, communication of transferable skills, and key interview dos and don’ts are covered.

Future WCG Online Academy courses will cover:

·       Agency Recruiters and Headhunters: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

·       The 5 Most Common Interview Styles and How to Prepare For Them

·       Job Search Etiquette – Putting Your Best Foot Forward

·       The Transferable Skills of New Graduates, and How to Use Them in Your Job Search

·       So You Received an Offer – Now What? Understanding and Negotiating Total Remuneration

The WCG Online Academy captures some of the most valuable resources and guidance that The Wilbanks Consulting Group offers clients, available to you anytime, anywhere.

To celebrate the launch of the WCG Online Academy, the courses are currently available at 50% off with the discount code HALFOFFONLINE through May 31, 2016. Take advantage of this great opportunity to sharpen your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and learn to interview like the pros!

Amanda Y. Hendrix
Expert Consultant, The Wilbanks Consulting Group LLC

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