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Do you love your boss? (& Do they love you?)


A good employee-boss relationship can be the difference between a miserable job and an enjoyable, fulfilling one. Your boss can be a lot of things to you – a coach, mentor, and maybe even friend. The relationship you have with your boss can open future career opportunities and have a big impact on your future professional life.

But what exactly does a good employee-boss relationship look like?

Mutual Respect

Even if you and your boss are friends outside of work, you need to show respect for them and their position at work. Treat them with kindness and be courteous of their time, privacy, and authority. In return, you should look for the same respect from them.

Friendly Professionalism

Being professional doesn’t mean you’re a robot. We’re humans working with humans, so aim to be positive in your communication and interactions while practicing active listening.

Be Open

Both you and your boss should be willing to accept feedback without getting defensive. Be open to listening to what your boss has to say about improving your performance and teamwork.

When providing or receiving feedback, pay attention to your body language. Being slumped over and closed off signifies low confidence and uncertainty. While standing tall and making eye contact asserts yourself as credible and capable.

How to Identify a Boss’s Management Style During the Interview Process

It can be hard to know if you and your potential boss will mesh well before spending a couple days in the office, and here are some tips to help predict if your personalities will align.

1. Ask About The Team Dynamic

Will you be working on a team? If so, ask about the team dynamic and how he or she, as the boss, fit into this dynamic. Listen for insights into the company culture and their management style.

2. Ask About Their Management Style

At the right time, ask your potential new boss about his or her management style. While it may seem like an uncomfortable question, it’s entirely appropriate to learn more about your potential employee-boss relationship. If their response is genuine, it will help you understand how to best work under his or her leadership. If it’s not...this boss may not be the best fit for you.

3. Be Aware of Their Email Communication

If you email your prospective boss during the interview process, pay attention to how they communicate. Is it short and to the point? Or does the email have a conversational tone and use exclamation points? Also, how quick are they to respond? Both tone and frequency can reveal a lot about their style and how well you’d get along with them.

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Posted on February 19, 2019 and filed under Career.