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Influential Professionals
Round Table Online

Produce. Lead. Strategize. Grow. Manage. Develop. Thrive. Excel.

The demands of today’s workplace are greater than ever. Navigating the ever-growing array of benchmarks, need for innovation, responsibility to develop others, all while achieving your own career (and personal!) goals can be confusing and stressful. We’re offering you the opportunity to connect with other professionals experiencing similar successes and failures to inspire, motivate, and ultimately provide you with new strategies and resources to tackle your greatest challenges within the workplace.

Our Influential Professionals Round Table is designed for employed professionals who are not currently seeking to change jobs. Instead, they are committed to growing their careers with advice, resources, leadership development, accountability, and growth opportunities that will drive you toward achieving your career goals. You will connect with other influential professionals from diverse business units to collaborate, learn, develop solutions, support, and enforce accountability through cross-industry expertise.These facilitated sessions will empower you to move beyond the silo of your profession, organization, and industry to truly create a unique and powerful career footprint.

How it Works:

Each bi-weekly meeting will be hosted virtually and led by WCG Founder and Principal, Holly Wilbanks, with the following 90-minute agenda (represented in Eastern Time):

1:00 - 1:15 pm - Education Moment [Presented by Holly or Guest Speaker (Various Leadership Development and Executive Coaches)]

1:15 - 1:35 pm - Open Discussion about Education Topic

1:35 - 2:20 pm - Individual Challenge Report: Accountability & Problem Solving

2:20 - 2:30 pm - Goal Setting for the Week Ahead

Meetings will be held every other Wednesday at 3 pm ET/2 CT/12 pm PT except when there’s a major holiday.


Cost of participation is $1,499 per quarter (12 weeks) and is paid upon acceptance/registration. Participants who commit to more than one quarter receive a 20% discount upon registration.

Finish your work week with reflection, learning, goal setting, and growth.

Join our group of influential professionals to ensure your career success!