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Tips for getting along with difficult coworkers


You won’t get along with everyone. That’s a fact. We’ve all had experiences with coworkers who we just seem to butt heads with over and over again. Since you’re likely spending more time with your coworkers than anyone else, it’s crucial to put personal differences aside and be cordial for the sake of your job, and your professional satisfaction.

Here are a few tips to get along with difficult coworkers:

1. Leave Emotions at the Door

No matter how much that coworker irks you, check your emotions at the door and start each day with a positive attitude. Positivity attracts positivity, so when you think and act this way, you may be surprised how even the most difficult people respond.

2. Be Kind

Showing kindness and “doing the right thing” will help you feel happier and more fulfilled at work. Professional kindness can come in many different forms, from grabbing an extra coffee for your coworker to lending a hand when bandwidth is tight. Giving back and showing your coworkers you care will always do more positive than negative for your professional relationship.

3. Respect

Every workplace relationship needs respect to be productive. You don’t have to like everyone you work with in order to show respect. Some ways to demonstrate this are cleaning up after yourself, listening to everyone’s ideas, and not taking the credit for others’ work.

4. Avoid Controversial Topics

Some colleagues are easier to get along with than others, likely because you have a lot (or nothing) in common. For those working relationships that are not so easy, stick to work-related or light topics. Avoid talking about things you know may spark an argument like religion or politics. Also, avoid topics relating to your personal life. As tempting as it may be, save those conversations for friends or family.

5. Avoid Gossip

Whether it’s true or false, it should not be spread in the workplace. Gossip does nothing but distract and contribute to a toxic work environment. How to avoid it? Refuse the temptation to talk about your coworkers behind their backs.

6. Limit Your Time

There’s no need to spend a lot of time with someone who is difficult. Keep your interactions focused and work related. Before going to them, plan your objective for the conversation and stick to the topic on hand. By limiting your time with difficult coworkers, you’re able to focus your efforts on productive, work-related conversations.  

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Posted on February 26, 2019 and filed under Career.