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Zana M.

I attended the interview skills workshop given at TMCx, and I utilized all that I learned in that workshop on the interview I had a week later. I did receive an offer, and I will be starting my new position next month. 

Leslie W. 

Holly Wilbanks is passionate about helping individuals rise to their highest potential. Holly really encouraged me to go for broke during my salary negotiation for my new job. That encouragement and positive reinforcement was especially appreciated. I recommend Holly to many of my in transition friends and colleges.

Stacy C. 

Holly's coaching and wise counsel has been invaluable. I now feel confident in my strengths and career decisions. Holly helped me change the trajectory of my career and my future is now filled with potential and opportunity. I could not have made the leap without Holly!

Joe A. 

Holly extremely professional and very expedient in delivering the services provided!

Jacqueline A.

Holly, the Principal, is very professional, knowledgeable, and an expert in her field focused on results for clients.

Andre A.

Holly makes one feel very comfortable, at ease, reassured that things are going to be okay, and that dreams will be achieved. I was very unsure about a lot of things; all of my anxieties and doubts were put to rest by Holly's wisdom and expertise, and all within the first meeting!


Leslie L. 
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Holly is extremely professional and was insightful to the issues that we needed assistance with. You can't go wrong with The Wilbanks Consulting Group.

Kierstin F.
University of Michigan, Postdoctoral Affairs

Holly was fantastic to work with. Her presentation was spot-on and very beneficial to our postdoc community. I am excited to work with her in the future.

Lisa G.
University of Michigan, Pharmacology

With the vast number of workshops offered on a college campus, it can be tough to know which ones might be worth your time. I promise, a WCG workshop is so worth it!

Gayle Oliver-Plath
CareerEco Virtual Events

As the founder of CareerEco, I have worked closely with Holly Wilbanks on multiple consulting projects.  In each instance, I have been impressed with Holly’s project management and consulting skills. Holly is creative, resourceful, and truly a team-player.  She fearlessly takes on new challenges and quickly makes a positive impact on the initiatives she undertakes.  Holly is excellent at planning, client interactions, and project follow-through.  She is terrific at collaborating and creating a team spirit that helps motivate others to achieve their goals.  I highly recommend The Wilbanks Consulting Group as a resource for marketing, sales, training, and project management assignments.