Career Exploration Coaching $898


Our comprehensive experience involves identifying your innate personality type, examining behaviors associated with your type, exploring your innate strengths, and identifying your unique value.

From there, we align your strengths, behaviors, previous work experience, and transferable skills with new job opportunities you'd like to pursue.

This service includes:

  • Objectives analysis

  • Computer-based personality and strengths assessments you can complete from anywhere (assessment fee included in package price)

  • Interpretation of your assessment results, including two personalized reports

  • Three one-to-one coaching sessions to identify and plan your career development and job search strategy, complete with strategic assignments for conducting your career research and evaluation. The coaching sessions last:

    • Session 1: Introduction to Type                                    90 minutes

    • Session 2: Assignment 1 Review                                 60 minutes

    • Session 3: Assignment 2 Review and Conclusion     60 minutes