Training and Development

Recent studies have shown that collaboration directly links to higher revenue. Successful collaboration within internal teams and alongside external partners requires effective communication, conflict management, stress management, and leadership skills. The Wilbanks Consulting Group provides tailored workshops to groups, and career coaching to individuals, allowing teams and individuals to move forward quickly with the clarity and agility required to excel. 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Assessment is the most trusted and widely-used personality assessment tool. Supported by over 50 years of scientific research, as many as 1.5 million assessments are administered annually to employees of Fortune 100 and 500 companies, students and alumni at leading colleges and universities, and individuals seeking personal and professional growth. The MBTI® assessment provides insight into how we interact with the world, take in information, make decisions, and structure our environment, providing a powerful framework through which we can understand our own and others' behavior.

Assessment advantages FOR TEAMS:

  • Recognize how personality types engage in project management.
  • Learn how to use personality types to improve the innovation process in your team.
  • Leverage individual strengths and identify gaps to ward off potential problems.
  • Discover how your team works best with clients.
  • Provide managers with the tools to give effective feedback and create individual development plans.
  • Resolve conflicts by understanding different problem solving approaches and enhancing team problem solving.
  • Promote intellectual diversity to improve the organization’s culture, quality of work, and personal relationships.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency.

Assessment advantages FOR INDIVIDUALS:

  • Identify your leadership style and understand the impact you have on teams.
  • Know your triggers and develop strategies for stress management. Avoid and overcome burnout.
  • Discover your blind spots and your opportunities for improvement.
  • Improve your communication and presentation styles.
  • Identify your preferred learning style and the learning style of others.
  • Enhance your career development and receive career guidance.
  • Develop and enhance your emotional intelligence.

The MBTI® is cost effective and simple to apply. It benefits organizations at the individual, team, and institutional levels. Our team of Certified MBTI® Practitioners is available to assist with individual and team assessments and coaching. Both onsite and virtual options are available in Houston and worldwide.

Additional assessments that add value to the MBTI® Training include:

  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
  • iStartStrong (an abbreviated version of the Strong Interest Inventory ® assessment)
  • The Grit Project produced by the American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Women in the Profession

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