LinkedIn Profile Review and Revision

LinkedIn Level 3             $750

This full-service offering includes Level 2 service, plus industry-specific and position-relevant research for the updates to your LinkedIn profile.

  • After the initial consultation, we conduct keyword research for appropriate industry-specific and position-relevant keywords to include for optimal search visibility.

  • The same procedure is then followed as with Level 2 service, with emphasis on the industry-specific and position-relevant customization of your profile.

“The way you build your professional network these days has evolved so much as a result of social media, and I definitely needed some guidance from an expert! Holly’s expertise and career advice were instrumental in getting me up to speed in terms of my career preparation. With Holly’s guidance, I was able to identify my strongest professional attributes and communicate them clearly through my Linkedin profile. She was very professional and took the time to understand my career goals and needs. Her advice was spot on and it significantly improved my profile. She definitely fueled a greater sense of determination in me. I am now much more confident in my ability to use my LinkedIn profile to stay current in my industry and maximize my career opportunities.”
— L.T., Supply Chain (Level II LinkedIn)

LinkedIn Level 2             $500

This enhanced package includes Level 1 service, plus:

  • We complete a full revision of your LinkedIn profile in a Word document to be cut and pasted into your LinkedIn profile, including all sections for which factual information is available. We also offer recommendations for additional facts to add.

  • Upon client review of the revision, we have an online review meeting to make any necessary revisions and teach you how to most effectively implement the changes and additions we propose. At completion of this step, the profile is considered final; however, you can, and should continue to update and optimize your profile as your situation changes.

LinkedIn Level 1             $250

Optimize your LinkedIn profile for greater visibility with the greatest value. This package includes:

  • A review of your existing LinkedIn page.

  • A 30-45 min consultation to discuss LinkedIn best practices and specific recommendations to improve your profile.

LinkedIn Use                    $249

Learn to utilize LinkedIn for job searching, effective networking, and personal branding via a screen-sharing session on GoToMeeting.

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