Executive Summary $595

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Executive Summary $595

Senior leaders ready to take their skills to the next level need more than a standard resume – enter the Executive Summary. This document highlights your ability to understand the complex dynamics of your industry and to craft value-adding strategies for your organization.

We work with you to develop compelling biographical success stories that highlight the actions you’ve taken and the benefits of the outcomes you achieved. This highly focused document must link your background to the needs of the role, demonstrating your fit and relevancy.

What to expect:

  • We begin with a consultation to learn more about your success stories and your goals as they relate to a specific executive position.

  • After the initial consultation, we craft the executive summary draft using relevant industry-specific and executive accomplishment keywords to include for optimal tailoring to the position.

  • We complete a draft and send it to you for review within 5–7 days (standard time).

  • We then schedule a GoToMeeting to review the draft together, make any necessary edits or changes, then we finalize it, with one additional revision if necessary.

  • You receive your final version within 10-14 total days.

  • We provide your executive summary in Word and pdf formats. You can and should continue to tailor this document for positions that capture your interest.

  • Executive summaries typically take 12-20 hours of work.