Executive Interview Preparation $695

This package is essential for executives when preparing for the challenging and involved interview processes at this level. Your leadership abilities and cultural fit will be scrutinized in addition to your job qualifications and history.

We conduct mock interviews in a two-session package. We first meet (in person or virtually) for a stop and start interview, which typically takes about 60 minutes, sometimes a bit longer. We stop you when we think your answer can be better, we tell you why, and we tell you what we suggest you say instead. Then we try again. You take home our feedback and notes, and practice.

In the second session, we meet for 60 minutes to run through an interview without stopping. Throughout both sessions, we take notes about the specific questions we ask you and your responses. You get a copy of our notes and feedback at the end of each session, so you can continue to practice at home. Most clients feel ready for interviews after these two sessions. If needed, additional sessions are billed at our hourly rate.

Where locations and schedules permit, we recommend completing one interview session in person and one virtually to help clients become comfortable with both platforms.