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Are YOU on track to for college and career success?

What if you could take steps NOW to prepare for your future happiness and achievement?

About 80% of college students change their major at least once.  ~National Center for Education Statistics

About 80% of college students change their major at least once. ~National Center for Education Statistics

Less than 40% of students who enter college graduate within four years.  ~Department of Education

Less than 40% of students who enter college graduate within four years. ~Department of Education

Studies indicate that choosing a major based on your personality type and interests help students

  • Achieve a higher GPA

  • Proceed with their initial declared major through graduation

  • Graduate on time

  • Realize greater career satisfaction and success

Our team of experts can help you understand what YOU need for college and career success. We use proven assessments to examine your unique personality type, interests, and strengths. We align the results with your goals to create a strategy for your future growth and development through your college experience and career outlook. Our coaching empowers you to make decisions about which college institution, major, minor, courses, internships, work study opportunities, career industries, jobs, and more will give you the greatest enjoyment, while preparing you for your career.


  • High school juniors and seniors

  • College freshman and sophomores

  • College juniors and seniors

  • Gap year students


Choose from our select Career Exploration Packages, with the option to coach in-person or virtually.



Career Exploration


This service includes:

Goals analysis

Computer-based assessment you can complete from anywhere (assessment fee included in package price)

Interpretation of your assessment results, including 2 personalized reports

3 one-on-one coaching sessions focusing on understanding your personality type, jobs and industries, and different career paths that align with your type and goals.

ADVANCED: Career & College Exploration


This service includes all benefits of the Basic Package, plus:

Introduction to Type in College Workbook

3 additional one-on-one coaching sessions focusing on college institutions, majors, minors, courses, internships, and work study opportunities.


Career & College Exploration, with Real World Experience $1,998

This service includes all benefits of the Advanced Package, plus:

4 additional one-on-one coaching sessions focusing on writing a resume, networking-know-how, interview skills, and real world experience.


HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR, Natalie - Houston, TX

Meet Natalie who is going into her senior year at competitive DeBakey High School for Health Professions. Ranking in the top 15% of her class, she is an example of a focused student with direction: she has identified the college institutions she will apply to, a probable major of study, and a solid interest in becoming a doctor for her career. She has already started her college applications and is well on her way to success. Here's her story:

I really enjoyed my career exploration with The Wilbanks Consulting Group. I was skeptical that the assessments would be helpful. You know all of this information about yourself, but it's very different to have a test tell you on paper. It was scarily accurate. I never considered a college minor before. This has opened up a lot of options; it would be nice to pick a minor that aligns with my personality AND gives me future career options. I would recommend this service to other high school juniors and seniors.


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High School Girls!

Need a planner to stay organized this school year? Look no further! We've teamed up with Nerdy Girl Success to create the 2017-2018 Success Side Kick™ Student Planner. This planner goes beyond homework tracking, and features:

  • Goal setting and vision board activities
  • Weekly pages provide organized space to record assignments, tests and quizzes with due dates and earned grades
  • Plenty of space to record activities, tasks, and more
  • Monthly outlooks allows you to map out your schedule for better time management
  • Spiral binding allows planner to lie flat when needed
  • Project and Essay planners in each month
  • Inspirational quotes each week as well as on each of the 13 dividers
  • Weekly women’s history facts (or as I like to call them HERstory facts)
  • Reference section includes:
  • How to prep each year of high school for college
  • Career fair tips
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing tips
  • Networking and LinkedIn tips

A portion of the proceeds goes to purchase second semester school supplies for children in need. Choose between a digital or hard copy planner with two different cover options!