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Onsite Career Coaching available in Houston, TX and Denver, CO.

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Your career is your present and your future.

Are you happy with the present? Are you excited about your future? What is your strategy to maximize your career objectives? 

Our team of career consultants can help you craft the perfect strategy to achieve career success. We use proven assessments to examine your personality type, interests, and strengths. We align the results with your goals to create a strategy for future growth and development through your current position or a new one. Our tactical job search services prepare you to tackle your search with an arsenal of materials that communicate your value. Our career coaching empowers you to flawlessly execute your strategy in any situation.


•    Professionals who would like to

o    make a move to a more fulfilling position;
o    progress to the next level of their career; or
o    change careers.

•    Recent and soon-to-be graduates who have not secured a full-time position.
•    Between jobs professionalsstay-at-home parents, and others looking to transition back into the workplace.


Choose from our select Career Coaching Services, with the option to coach in-person or virtually.




Savings of $150

  • Level II Resume Revision
  • Level II LinkedIn Profile Revision
  • LinkedIn Use



Savings of $350

  • Level III Resume Revision
  • Level III LinkedIn Profile Revision
  • LinkedIn Use
  • Networking Know-How Coaching
  • Mock Interview Bundle
  • Offer Negotiation Coaching
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Savings of $500

  • Level III Resume Revision
  • Level III LinkedIn Profile Revision
  • LinkedIn Use
  • Networking Know-How Coaching
  • Mock Interview Bundle
  • Offer Negotiation Coaching
  • Career Exploration Coaching
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Cover Letter

Don't see a package that fits your needs? Check out our complete service listing with à la carte pricing below, or
contact us to discuss a package that's tailored to your job search needs.


Services and Pricing à la carte

Career Exploration Coaching   $798

Our comprehensive experience will involve identifying your preferred personality type, examining behaviors associated with your type, exploring your innate strengths, and identifying your unique value. From there, we will align your strengths, behaviors, previous work experience, and transferable skills with new job opportunities you'd like to pursue.

  • Objectives analysis
  • Computer-based assessment you can complete from anywhere (assessment fee included in package price)
  • Interpretation of your assessment results, including 2 personalized reports
  • 3 One-on-one coaching sessions to identify and plan your career development and job search strategy.

Mock Interview Package   $375

This package is great for those who simply want to brush up on their interview skills.

  • Objectives analysis
  • 2 one-on-one mock interview sessions




Level I: Professional Review & Feedback $275

Level II: Communicates Your Value           $500

Level III: Tailored to Future Roles               $750

CV to Resume Conversion                          $275




LinkedIn Level 1             $250

Optimize your LinkedIn profile for greater visibility with the greatest value. This package includes:

  • A review of your existing LinkedIn page.
  • A 30-45 min consultation to discuss LinkedIn best practices and specific recommendations to improve your profile. 

LinkedIn Level 2             $500

This enhanced package includes Level 1 service, plus:

  • We complete a full revision of your LinkedIn profile in a Word document to be cut and pasted into your LinkedIn profile, including all sections for which factual information is available. We also offer recommendations for additional facts to add.
  • Upon client review of the revision, we meet with you for a second 60 min consultation to make any necessary revisions, and teach you how to implement the changes and additions we propose, most effectively. At completion of this step, the profile is considered final; however, you can, and should continue to update and optimize your profile as your situation changes.

LinkedIn Level 3             $750

This full-service offering includes Level 2 service, plus industry-specific and position-relevant research for the updates to your LinkedIn profile.

  • After the initial consultation, we conduct keyword research for appropriate industry-specific and position-relevant keywords to include for optimal search visibility.
  • The same procedure is then followed as with Level 2 service, with emphasis on the industry-specific and position-relevant customization of your profile. 

LinkedIn Use                    $249

Learn to utilize LinkedIn for job searching, networking, and personal branding with this guided tutorial through the platform.

Additional Services

Cover Letter                                 $149
Job Search Strategy                    $249
Networking Know-How               $249
Offer Negotiation                         $249
CPI Management Assessment    $449



Meet Meagan, an advanced degree professional who would like to transition into a different role. Meagan knows she has much of the experience necessary for a new role, but she's having a hard time illustrating to interviewers how her background prepares her for this new adventure. Here's how we helped: 

I really appreciate how Holly approached every aspect of my job search with a positive attitude, despite my tendency towards pessimism! I had been on the job market for about eight months and had not been called back for any interviews. Holly helped me adapt my research-focused CV into a more standard format resume that highlighted skills important for a career transition, including my project management and communication skills. When I started receiving interview invitations, we had a practice session where Holly helped me to gain confidence when conveying my experience in an interview setting. Additionally, we worked on refining my storytelling to select concise anecdotes to best address common interview questions and specific job requirements. After every job interview Holly remained engaged by calling to discuss how things went for me and to give feedback. I would recommend this service!


Meet Kate, a stay-at-home mom who wanted to transition back into the workplace. Before becoming a full-time mom, Kate's career was in teaching. She used our coaching experience to confirm her career path in teaching, identify her innate strengths, re-examine her behaviors in the workplace, and prepare for interviews. Here's her story: 

Working with The Wilbanks Consulting Group has given me insight to who I am, and the confidence I needed to rejoin the workforce. Before I was a stay-at-home mom, I felt "stuck" in my current teaching position; after taking the personality tests with WCB, I realized I was held back by limitations that were only set by me and my circumstances. After I took the first test and had a coaching session with Holly, I went on two job interviews for highly sought after positions in a very competitive school district. Both schools called me the same day as my interviews offering me the jobs. I can honestly say that the coaching with Holly really helped me highlight my assets, and speak honestly to my strengths during the interview. The interview panel was touched by my honesty. They were impressed that I not only knew the subject matter, but also spoke clearly about my passion for teaching, quoting phrases taken from my coaching session with Holly. Though I began the coaching with Holly hoping to realize that I was meant to be in a different career, it instead reaffirmed my passion for teaching, and has given me a strong foot to stand on as I begin a new job, hopeful for a future in educational leadership.


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