Why You Need Help from a Mentor


No matter where you are in your career, it’s helpful to have a mentor. Mentors provide valuable insights that can help shape you as a professional and a person. They coach you and prepare you for the career journey ahead.

Here are the top reasons why you should have a mentor:

  1. Mentors Jumpstart Your Career

    Developing a relationship with a mentor can give you a leg up in your career. Why? They have the connections, experience, and knowledge to give you a professional advantage. They can also act as a soundboard for your ideas, helping you think through your career strategy.

  2. Mentors Stimulate Growth

    A good mentor will push you both professionally and personally. They will identify your strengths and work on ways you can improve upon your weaknesses. By tapping into their experiences and helpful feedback, you can learn and grow faster, becoming a more well-rounded professional.

    Sometimes it can be challenging to be self-aware enough to make the change needed for healthy growth and progress. With the help of a mentor you trust, those discreet signs can be identified and used as a learning experience.

  3. Mentors Provide Encouragement and Redirection

    On a similar note, a mentor can pump you up when you need the energy boost. Who doesn’t appreciate encouragement after an achievement? Or they could give you the boost of support to complete that project that will help your career growth.

    Mentors can also provide redirection when needed. Let’s face it, we’ll all make mistakes throughout our careers. But if you have someone who can see the situation from an outside perspective, you have a better chance to make it an opportunity to improve next time.

If you want the help of a mentor but don’t know where to start, our team at The Wilbanks Consulting Group can help you position yourself in a way that communicates your path.

Posted on July 30, 2019 .