Kick Off The Summer Without Losing Your Career Momentum


Summer is almost here (!) which means warm weather, time with family, and vacations. Summer can also be a time when you lose steam on your career goals because of all of the fun distractions.

Here are the very best tips to keep up the momentum and power through this season of your career, even when it’s summer.

  1. Access Your Goals - Check in on the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Summer marks the mid-year: How are your goals holding up? For those you’ve already achieved – great, set more! For those you are still working toward – reassess your path and determine if the steps to get there need to be adjusted. Keep working toward your goals, achieve them, and set supplementary ones.

  2. Celebrate Your Achievements - Summer is the perfect time to celebrate your wins. You work hard and deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or your favorite specialty coffee drink. Go on a spontaneous vacation. Find a way to give yourself some credit for your accomplishments. Then do it!

  3. Be Strategic With Time - Treat your time for what it is – an extremely valuable, non-refundable asset. Spend your time strategically and with intention. Think about how you used your time yesterday. Can you eliminate any activities that didn’t bring value? Maybe you spent too long in your inbox or spent too much time “putting out fires” and weren’t able to check tasks off your to-do list. Assess what led you to spend time on low value tasks and try to mitigate it in the future.

  4. Change Your Routine - Sometimes the day-to-day can become monotonous and dampen the excitement in your career. Reclaim the momentum by switching up your routine. Perhaps pick up a new after-work activity like an exercise or art class, or learn a new skill or language. Sometimes you can be motivated by simply changing your route to work, listening to an inspiring podcast, or reading a great book. These activities will help energize and encourage you to keep achieving.

Are you in the right career?

Sometimes we lose momentum because our current career doesn’t align with our aspirations. If you want to explore different jobs or careers altogether, we would love to hear from you. We help equip individuals with game-changing tools for their job hunt.

Posted on May 28, 2019 .