Helpful Tips For Taking Your Kids To Work Day


“Take your kids to work day” is the fourth Thursday of April. The day marks a time when kids get a glimpse at the working world to learn what their parents do when they go to work. It’s an opportunity to show your children different aspects of your job so they can start thinking about career possibilities for themselves.

But this day is not as simple as bringing your mini-me into the office and carrying on with your normal routine. If you're planning to partake in the festivities, keep these helpful tips in mind.

Check With Your Manager

If your job has a “take your kid to work day” program in place, you’re in luck! If not, ask your manager for guidelines and ways to make the day go smoothly. Address things like if your child should stay the entire day, where they should sit, what meetings will be appropriate to attend, and if it’s appropriate to take a longer lunch break.

Plan The Day

Planning is crucial for a smooth day. Seek out parents who brought their kids into the office last year. Ask how it went and what they would do differently this year. Block off your schedule and make sure there are no important meetings or deadlines. That way you can work at a slower pace while you give an overview of what you’re doing and why, and welcome the kiddo’s questions.

Plan to show your kid around the office. Keep them busy by thinking out loud and sharing some problems and solutions you come up with. Engage them by asking questions and allowing them to try to do a few things on their own.

Identify What They’re Interested In

This day was created for youth to explore different aspects of the working world. Make the day about helping them explore office life. Are they interested in computer science? Let them meet an engineer. Do they love writing? Show them how to compose a professional email. Throughout the day keep in mind what they enjoy doing and incorporate that. While writing an email or a project brief may not seem fun to you, small things feel magnified when you’re young. It’s all about what they find fascinating.

Take your child to work day can be fun for you and your child with a little preparation. What tips for take your child to work day do you have to add to the list?

Posted on April 16, 2019 and filed under Community.