Why You Can’t Just “Wing” The Job Search

There are some things in life that are best, or at least acceptable, when you “wing” it: where to go to lunch, what flavor ice cream to choose, your vacation agenda, chore schedule, and even grocery shopping. Your job search, however, should never be on this list!

If you are just trying to get a summer job in between classes or looking for a side job for extra cash, “winging” it might be acceptable. (I’d argue that even those seemingly menial positions should be on your resume to show your experience/skills/work ethic and therefore should be planned.) Chances are, however, the people that fit into that category aren’t reading this blog. YOU are looking for a stable, fulfilling career path. And that means you need to prepare, plan, and make conscious decisions about what you are looking for in a position. Here’s why:

  • If you don’t prepare for the type of job you want, you’ll end up with a job you don’t like. The chances of just falling into the perfect job for you is very slim. Ask yourself these questions to help guide your search:
    • What will I enjoy doing on a daily basis, long-term?
    • What are my strengths and skills? 
    • How can I obtain the skills and strengths I currently lack to secure the type of career I’d love?
  • It will be obvious to hiring managers if you aren’t focused and prepared. A vague and unfocused resume will not grab the attention of a hiring manager. And even if your resume manages to land you an interview, it will be very obvious that you aren’t the passionate candidate that was just interviewed an hour before you.
  • Without properly planning to find the right job/career fit, you’ll be on the job search again in no time. Either your manager will recognize that you aren’t the right fit, or you will. Searching for jobs is not easy and takes up a lot of time. Do it right and you’ll do it once.

Need help preparing, planning, and making conscious decisions while searching for the perfect position for you? We’re happy to help.

Posted on September 7, 2016 .